By Danielle Ray

Princeton Parks and Recreation Commission recently took on four new members. Jennifer Greene, Terry Hart, Scott Morris, and Travis Parisi join Chair Kelton Burbank and member Kari Sledzik. 

Burbank said the commission has been busy over the last year. 

We are awaiting approval from the Selectboard on funding for a parks and rec director, a position that has been empty since our last director left over one year ago,” he said. “Hopefully soon.”

Interim Park and Recreation Director Ed Carlson resigned last month. 

Kelton said they applied for and received a Shared Winter Streets Grant for upgrades at Krashes Field and are planning to apply for a PARC grant for Sawyer Playground improvements. 

“We are assessing our needs for further enhancements to other recreational assets,” he said. 

In addition, the commission is working on plans for “a major, post-COVID town-wide event”, hopefully in late summer Kelton said, “which will also help with fundraising.” 

“We are also looking into an educational series at the community center, working with Open Space Committee on trails and trail connections, and getting the fields ready for our spring season,” Kelton said.  

While they are not holding any recreation programs or events at this point due to the pandemic, “hopefully” soccer, baseball, lacrosse and softball will resume in April and May, said Kelton.

“Recreation, specifically outdoor activity, is a great antidote to the stressors of this past year,” he said.