By Alison Sullivan

Holly Walton started the Princeton Pantry last November in response to food insecurity exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and has used it as a resource to feed the community in a time of need. 

“I believe it’s small acts done by many that solve bigger problems,” said Walton. 

The pantry, located at the end of Walton’s long and secluded driveway, is one of almost two thousand of its kind spread across six countries, as a part of the Little Free Pantry movement. The Princeton Pantry and its counterparts provide a place for people to donate and receive free food and household items with privacy and dignity. 


The Princeton Pantry allows community members to give and receive food and household items in time of need.
COURTESY: Holly Walton

“People give and take freely,” said Walton. “As the steward I make sure there’s no expired items or things that may not be safe in the winter.” 

Walton never has direct contact with those who benefit from the Princeton Pantry, but leaves a piece of paper and pen for recipients to make requests. 

A note left by a Princeton Pantry patron
COURTESY: Holly Walton

“The people of Princeton have been very kind in helping me stock the pantry,” said Walton. “I usually put a note out on [the Facebook group] ‘Discussing Princeton’…and a few days later there are new items inside.” 

Anyone looking to give to or receive from the Princeton Pantry can find it at 49 Beaman Road, Princeton, Mass.