Princeton Historical Society Scavenger Hunt

The PHS is pleased to announce a family, small group and/or individual scavenger hunt activity called “Can You Find It”. This activity will begin on July 1 and is to commemorate the 250thAnniversary of the Town of Princeton’s Incorporation in 1771. You might ask, “Didn’t Princeton just have a 250th anniversary in 2009”? To learn the difference, use this link …

To join in the fun and learn about eight historical locations in Princeton, a Scavenger Hunt Game Card and Directions can be picked up at the Library Checkout Desk starting July 1 during its hours of operation. Or it can be downloaded off the PHS website at, starting July 1. 

Our plan is to, over the next two years, add a minimum of eight new locations each year to this “Can You Find It” activity, which will bring the total locations to 24+, by the summer of 2023.

Email us at if you have any questions.

Bud & Rick



Princeton Historical Society

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Potential Litigation Against PFAS Manufacturers
The Selectboard has invited, and is in the process of reviewing, proposals from several of the law firms that have been actively involved in a variety of cases pending against the manufacturers of AFFF (aqueous film forming foam) containing PFAS. Over five hundred cases already have been filed nationally and combined into a multidistrict litigation docket pending in South Carolina. As with any multi-party litigation, it is impossible to predict if and when there will be a resolution of the cases and, if there ultimately is a comprehensive settlement, how much each party will receive. Though it has always been our intention to someday pursue a claim against PFAS manufacturers, our environmental attorney agrees that the time is right for Princeton to move forward to file our claim. Although we haven’t determined which firm we will select, the general terms of their representation would be that the firm would receive a contingency fee in the range of 20 to 25 percent only if there is a recovery by the Town, and reimbursement of the firm’s out-of-pocket litigation expenses would be reimbursable only as part of a successful outcome. The Selectboard will continue to inform the public about this as we move forward with the case. Please understand that litigation often requires us to maintain confidentiality. In order to be successful, we may need to hold back some details.