By Alison Sullivan, Editor in Chief
The Wachusett Special Education Parent Advisory Council has nominated 64 teachers, aides, and school psychologists to receive the Wind Beneath Their Wings award. For 12 years, this award has been given to people in the district who go above and beyond the duties of their jobs to impact the lives of children in the Special Education program, according to Melissa Martin, a Paxton parent who chairs the advisory council.
“Everyone has their job and these people are doing more than is necessary,” Martin said.
Martin said that the nominees all exhibit “generosity, being sincere, and encouragement,” towards the children in their care. Each nominee receives a certificate and an Amazon gift card for their efforts. The nominees from across the Wachusett Regional School District are listed below.

Amanda Walsh
Amy LeBouf
Amy Tautkas
Angelica Nettekoven
Arlene Wood
Barbara French
Beth Manjarrez
Candace Orrell
Carolyn Beaumier
Carolyn Heller
Christie O’Masta
Christina Little
Cristi Zimirowski
Danae Allison
Darlene Stoever
Deborah Meunier
Denise Fiske
Dianah Butterfield
Elizabeth White
Emily Forsberg
Emma Nerssessian

Ericka Humphrey
Erin Broudo
Frank Hacket
Gail Miller
Gail Puris
Hannah ODonnell
Heather Marois
Irene Segoshi
Janice Deleire
Jenifer Gardner
John Barbale
Joseph Fusco
Julie Bellerose
Justin Chambers
Karen Valcarce
Kate Trombly
Kathryn Andrus
Kayla Brank-Sanko
Kim Keeney
Kimberly Hannigan
Kirsten Yanco
Lauren Reardon
Leanne Zecco
Lisa Garrone
Lisa Lamoureux
Mary Hancock
Mary Kirton
Megan Cooney
Michele Daigle
Michele Thorne
Nancy Keaveny
Nicole Pisano
Patricia O’Connell
Renee Lore
Robin Russell
Robyn Judge
Sally Loverin
Samantha Domingos
Sharna Keith
Sharon Krug
Sonja Burkhardt
Stacy Malia
Tim Connors