By Alison Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief
After the motion to fund construction documents for a new public safety building was rejected at the May 15 Town Meeting, the Selectboard created a committee to determine the future of the project.
This committee will work with architects Caolo & Bieniek to responsibly reduce the cost of the building’s design, assess public input, and make recommendations to the Selectboard by September 30, 2021, as stated in the official mission of the committee.
“The Selectboard, in conjunction with the Town Administrator, developed the charge for the committee (mission, responsibilities, membership),” according to the Selectboard in a written statement.
After the Town Clerk requested applications from Town residents in mid June, the Selectboard ultimately voted to elect Ian Catlow, David Crowley, Jr., Fe Fandreyer, Carl Soderberg, and John Zimmatore to the committee from the 10 applicants.
While Fire Chief John Bennett and Police Chief Michele Powers were not formally involved in the selection process, they will be “important resources for the committee and will be involved. They are not voting members but their input in department needs is critical,” according to the Selectboard.
Voters previously voiced concerns that the decision process for the new public safety building wasn’t transparent enough, so the Selectboard “deliberately set this committee up to do its work in public.”
“The committee will meet in public and they plan on recording their meetings as well as posting agendas and minutes as is required by the open meeting law,” according to the Selectboard. “There are liaisons from several other committees that will be attending the meetings. These include the Selectboard, Advisory Committee, and the Environmental Action Committee. Carl is also on the Historical Commission. Ian is on the Planning Board. The Committee’s responsibilities include keeping residents informed and engaging early and often with the Selectboard and Advisory Committee.”
While Matthew Moncreaff is the Selectboard liaison, Richard Bisk and Karen Cruise will stay informed throughout the process.
For more information on the Committee and information on upcoming meetings, visit