In June our group hiked the Cobb Brook Trails and also Bickford Pond. The Cobb Brook hike was done in four groups, with a total of 35 hikers between the Saturday, Sunday, and ‘Senior Hike’ the following Wednesday.
The Open Space Committee has nearly completed the signage work in this new hiking area. Everyone loved the two beaver ponds. The Bickford Pond hike was done with one group of 22 hikers. We split up with three hiking options through. One group did the easier 3.5-mile hike around the pond, and the two other groups did seven miles; one with a longer road walk, and the second on a more adventurous bushwhack through the woods!
Our schedule moving forward is below. We hope that you can join us for one or more of these adventures! Contact or call Rick at 978-660-8664 to register.

July 21 – Senior Hike from the Ski Area to Redemption Rock. An easy-moderate 3.5 mile hike with some historical items of interest.
July 24 – Wachusett Meadow. An easy-moderate hike of three to four miles
August 14 – East Princeton – Exploring the trails behind the Onion Patch, including a hike out to the Cat Rocks. A moderate four-mile hike.
August 25 – Senior hike to Poutwater Pond. An easy three-mile hike on the east side of town out to a pretty and isolated pond.
August 28 – Mountain ramble across the southern trails on Mount Wachusett for lunch at Mountainside Cafe. An easy-moderate three-to-four mile walk with an option for more.

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